2020 brings the release of my debut full length album. The creation of which has been over the past year but also largely, the past 10 years.

Before my step into song writing in 2016 I had been working as a guitarist with a background of Jazz and improvised music. 

Though improvised music was hugely exciting as a musician there was a disconnection between the song writers i loved and the virtuosic guitarists I loved. 

I began writing songs with my first single in 2017 with my frst single ‘Back to the River’ featured on BBC 6 Music radio described as ‘Beautifully written and produced’.

Through being given room to explore the instrument within this music, I found my own voice, drawing from great Americana and country guitarists alongside Jazz influences. 

I followed this with another single featured by Tom Robinson, ‘Fantastic liquid playing, the groovy guitar wizard Calvin Travers’.

I had taken my step into songwriting but felt as though it was at the expense of exploring my guitar playing fully.

Upon beginning the writing process of this album my main goal was to create a more honest record that felt like it sounded like me both compositionally and instrumentally, an amalgamation of my musical upbringing and study. 



Featuring instrumental compositions as well as lyric led songs, I aimed to capture the interaction between musicians to organically present the music. 


Coming early 2020 I’m thrilled to share my music and send it out into the world.